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The Town of Brunson is located in Hampton County near the Coosawhatcie and Salkehatchie Rivers. Brunson's water system serves approximately 270 customers. There is a well located on North Addison Street next to the Town Hall. There is also a well and a elevated water storage tank on Grayson Drive. The well on Grayson Drive is considered well #1 and yields 150 gpm with a 75,000 gallon capacity (gpd). The well on North Addison Street is well #2. This is the emergency or backup well and yields 90 gpm with a 75,000 gallon capacity (gpd). The elevated storage tank at Grayson Drive has 75,000 total capacities. The water sources available to the system are: the Coosawhathchie and Salkehatchie Rivers, and 2 wells. Well #1 is at the elevated storage tank is 600 feet deep. Well #2 is 250 feet deep. The SCDEHEC total permitted capacity of the water system for the Town of Brunson is 81,600 gallons per day.

The town's Water and Sewer Department is currently operated by Mr. Caskell Hudson (Operator) and Mr. Carl Williams (Operator of Records). 

Anyone moving into the town of Brunson is required to pay a water deposit for water and sewer services. Our water deposit is $150.00. This fee must be paid in full before your water will be turned on. If there is no current water connection at or on the propery where you are moving to and it is located within the town limits of Brunson, you must also pay a water and sewer tapping fee. Our tap fees are $350.00 for each tap.

The water and sewer rates were increased in 2010. The new rates are as follows:

In Town Water Rate

$13.12 Flat Rate for Zero Usage                                     6,000 Gallons=$23.08

$1.66 Per 1,000 Gallons Over Zero


In Town Sewer Rate

$20.04 Flat Rate for Zero Usage                                     6,000 Gallons=$35.10 

$2.51 Per 1,000 Gallons Over Zero


Out of Town Water

$16.62 Flat Rate for Zero Usage                                   6,000 Gallons=$30.42

$2.30 Per 1,000 Gallons Over Zero


Out of Town Sewer

$26.14 Flat Rate for Zero Usage                                   6,000 Gallons=$44.26

$3.02 Per 1,000 Gallons Over Zero



Creation of the Lowcountry Regional Water System

Introducing a New Vision

A viable and competitive regional water/wastewater system for Hampton County created by enabling legislation known as the Joint Authority Water and Sewer Systems Act.

Integration of existing charter towns water systems as intentionally determined by their elected officials into a new entity for the region to be known as the Lowcountry Regional Water System (LRWS) with a mission of providing the region's water needs, inclusive of wastewater, to imporve quality of life, economic development, and the long term viability of providing safe and reliable water services to the citizens of the region.

The Town of Brunson passed their first Ordinance to pursue participation in a Regional System on June 02, 2010. On November 03, 2010, the town entered into a Letter of Intent to begin negotiations and complete a viability study to analyze recommendations for consolidating water and wastewater systems in Hampton County to pool resources in the County, increase system efficiencies, ensure compliance with Federal and State laws, and promote overall economic development and system viability .

The Town of Brunson passed a Resolution on December 07, 2011 authorizing the creation of a joint Municipal Water System to be known as the Lowcountry Regional Water System. Other Municipalities or Political Subdivisions to the system will include the Town of Hampton, Hampton County, Varnville, and Yemassee

On February 17, 2012, the Town was approved for membership with representation and voting authority as a member of the Lowcountry Regional Water System by the Secretary of State in the Corporate Certificate creating the Lowcountry Regional Water System. Mr. William (Rocky) Hudson has been appointed to serve as the Commissioner for the Town of Brunson to serve on the Governing Board of the Lowcountry Regional Water System. He will replace Mr. Carl Williams who was previously appointed to that position.

On May 12, 2012, the Town had its first reading of an Ordinance to transfer the Town's water system to the Lowcountry Regional Water System. This was unanimously voted on and approved by the Mayor and Council of Brunson. This Ordinance must have three readings with one being a Public Hearing.

  Resolution Letter of Intent Page 1.docx                       Resolution Letter of Intent Page 2.docx


Formation Resolution-Brunson.docx             Resolution Appointing LRWS Board-Town of Brunson.docx


Updates and other related information will be posted as it becomes available.